The League


The NYCBBC operates on a “first to pay – first to participate” basis until all divisions are filled. Every parent/guardian and participant MUST sign a Waiver Form in order to participate in the NYCBBC programs.  NO EXCEPTIONS. Parents/guardians and participants are required to read and be willing to abide by the NYCBBC RULES & CODE of CONDUCT. (Click on the RULES & CODE of CONDUCT tab on the website). There are two programs for the NYCBBC league.
A comparison of the requirements for both programs are as follows:

a 10-week program 

A $175 fee per child is due in full upon any of the registration dates – NO EXCEPTIONS.
For ages 6 to 15 year olds.

The Drillz-n-Skillz Winter Saturday Program focuses on the fundamentals of basketball, intense training, drills, strengthening, condi-tioning and preparing the child with the skills & foundation to compete at a higher level.

The last few Saturdays will involve scrimmage games. Unlike the summer league, it is not a program where the players receive a trophy at the end. But each child will receive a uniform.

Each child receives a uniform.
There are 3 divisions in the fall/winterDrillz-n-Skillz program each with a maximum of 25 participants.

The Divisions are as follows:

– 6-8 Year Old Division
– 9-11 Year Old Division
-12-15 Year Old Division

Talent level will be adjusted according to age group.

a 15-week program

A $175 fee per child is due in full upon any of the registration dates – NO EXCEPTIONS.
Divisions: 12 & Under; 14 & Under and 17 & Under
(Child must be acclimated to playing organized full court basketball)

This Summer Saturday League is where children join individually, taught the fundamentals of the game, get evaluated, then placed on evenly competitive teams to ensure each team has an equal opportunity to win the championship game at the end of the summer.

Additionally, participants who have excelled over the school year receive academic achieve awards for their hard work and dedication in the classroom over the school year. We also teach our kids to be proactive concerning their health, the health of family members and the community.

Each child receives at least one 3 ft tall trophy & a uniform. Championship trophies are much larger in each division depending on their age.
There are 4 divisions in the Spring/Summer League comprised of 4 to 6 teams each with 10 players per team.
The Divisions are as follows:
  • 12 & Under
  • 14 & Under
  • 17 & Under

Talent level will be adjusted according to age group. All teams make the playoffs.

Pre-assembled teams are NOT allowed in the NYCBBC summer League except for the All Girls Division.
Kids must come prepared to play in scrimmage games on all registration dates to be evaluated for the league-draft on the last registration day to be placed on a team. The draft is intended to insure that all the teams are balanced to aid in each team having the same chance at winning the championship in their respective divisions.
Some of the official games will be scheduled on Sundays; however, Sunday’s will most likely be for rained out games, all-star games and the coaches, parents & Staff game.
Every child must be present on the last registration day to be placed on a team.
See schedule for date and time of Clinic and Scrimmage games.
Each participant MUST play in at least two (2) Scrimmage games to be placed on a team on Team Draft Day.
Parents are invited to come out and participate.

For more information Contact:
Coach Skip Branch (Director & Founder)